Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader)

Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader)

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Bailey/Rosetta By XxAnimeButterflyxX Updated Nov 18


You've lost so much in your life. Your home. Your family. Your friend....your arm and insides. But you've gained many new friends to keep you going. Despite that, you still felt unhappy. That all changes when you met him. 

The FMA Franchise is NOT mine except the characters and the stuff I put in this fanfic (I can't find a better way to explain it, I'm such a nerd -_-)

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alilolove alilolove Aug 28
Don't need to change my age 'cause I'm already the same age as him 😂
AnimooCali AnimooCali Dec 04
Am i the only on who imagined Death the kid popping out from the corner and saying "My symmetry senses are tingling"
__Ivory__ __Ivory__ Nov 25
I had to read that stomach thing like 7 times to understand what it meant
oshiete has my depression pills decide to kill me bc i dont like to take them
alilolove alilolove Aug 28
She just have the mother hairtsyle of the death, so sadly I think she will die, even if she's our friend and not our mother ._.
Edward is gonna be 15. I only liked him when he was fifteen, adult Ed sucked ass