Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader) *SMALL HIATUS*

Equivalent Exchange (Edward Elric X Reader) *SMALL HIATUS*

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Bailey By XxAnimeButterflyxX Updated Dec 26, 2016


You were once an outcast, and you are one of the last survivors from the war in (Town Name) you thought you life was over after losing everyone you cared for, that was until you met them...the Elrics brothers. You met them while you were being mugged by some men. They were ever so kind to you, especially The (Short) blonde boy named Edward Elric....well he was sort of nice...you all know how Ed is. You now walk along with them on their journey to find the philospher stone, and as you go along, you will suffer the good and the bad, but when your with him, you've got nothing to lose.

The FMA Franchise is NOT mine except the characters and the stuff I put in this fanfic (I can't find a better way to explain it, I'm such a nerd -_-)

morghanporter morghanporter Nov 26, 2016
Man.....I wanted some alcohol. Can we have that instead. Lol
BlaringHalo BlaringHalo Nov 13, 2016
Eh, he was gonna die anyways. I am so mean. Troll lalalalala
MacyCastillo0 MacyCastillo0 Dec 30, 2016
What if they're transmuting me?! They're gonna a lot of salt if they are planning to transmute meee
Lel..😂 knew it that was coming so.... It somehow made me laugh my butt off after reading the comments 😂😂😂
AluRyuzaki AluRyuzaki Nov 25, 2016
Yay it's The truth. I don't know why but I just love Him/her
AluRyuzaki AluRyuzaki Nov 25, 2016
Almost every sad anime has a mom with that hairstyle that died. 
                              Attack on Titan 
                              Fullmetal Alchemist 
                              Fruit baskets (I think)