The Alpha's Mute Mate

The Alpha's Mute Mate

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R By MB-1992 Completed

Her pack's Beta betrayed them and killed them all. No body knew why he did what he did and he made sure that no one was alive to tell the tale. The last one standing was Eliza Youth who fought hard against the rouges that had attacked but when she realized that her Beta was the one who was behind it she was caught off guard, resulting in her downfall. With a menacing cackle, the traitorous Beta pulled out a silver knife and sliced her throat and left her for dead alongside her pack members. But little did he know....she was still alive and hellbent on finding any survivors.

He's the Alpha of Willows Steep at age 21. He had looked all over different packs to find his mate but came up short. Giving up, he fell in love with a girl within his pack and thought she had loved him back. After their heated argument of her wanting to become Luna and him telling her to just wait, she left him with no remorse. Not being able to find her, having his heart torn apart, the Alpha became cold and indifferent towards everybody.

Four years later, the girl who gotten betrayed by the Beta, is now the Alpha Rouge for he had challenged her even when she had admitted defeat and submission. But underestimating her, resulted in his death as he was killed in only in her human form. Therefore, because she doesn't talk and had killed the Alpha Rouge...she was known throughout the states as Beast.

The Alpha of Willows Steep became cold and indifferent. He made sure no rouges got in and when they did, where they stand is where they will lay. He pushed his warriors harder and became more strict with his pack. Making sure it is known that if you defy him, you won't get away with it.

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SylviaGrey SylviaGrey Jun 15, 2017
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit o.o
                              Isn't she mute? She cam how? Is she mute form the silver knife cut to her throat??? (i was really far in this chapter when this thought hit me)
I thought is said the bagel that stood on her knee and i was like????
crazycookies3018 crazycookies3018 Jul 19, 2017
From the beginning
                              It was getting from
                              Good to
                              To Funny
                              Butt the end
                              It was from 
                              To Full of LOVE
                              LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE
trish2707 trish2707 Jul 23, 2017
I must say that you are a great writer. Your books really capture the readers attention. Good job.
VHThompson VHThompson Aug 17, 2016
Ouch that would hurt. I can see her throwing him around like a feather light pillow. Not a fun way to go.
Dragon_Wolf_Hybrid Dragon_Wolf_Hybrid Aug 24, 2016
*squeel* assassins! The call for the brothers. I found my dream book!!!