Alpha Raptor [Owen Grady]

Alpha Raptor [Owen Grady]

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Dr... It's Strange By onlyjeffery Completed

Tess wasn't a genius, even she knew that. Except she knew who was the Alpha Raptor, and who was the Beta.

©onlyjeffery 2015

*fanmade cover by so-was-i (2016)

Phsycopathetic Phsycopathetic Apr 12, 2016
I sense something...what is it? ...wait... I sense...
semiautomatictyler semiautomatictyler Mar 21, 2016
I thought it said 'corn dog' and now I'm really hungry.
                              Thanks, author.
-doowneey -doowneey Aug 16, 2016
this is Charlie .. I refuse to believe otherwise. #supernatural
MadisonCollopy MadisonCollopy Oct 16, 2016
Same but I do it on Monday no wonder I get detention...oh well
Lady_Loki_00 Lady_Loki_00 Oct 24, 2015
why would you roll your eyes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
Lady_Loki_00 Lady_Loki_00 Oct 24, 2015
I would hate to leave the raptors like they are soooo cool.... Plus who wants to leave Owen?!