The Demigod Games

The Demigod Games

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Gaea offers a deal to Olympus. They must choose two if their own children to fight to the death in something she calls the Demigod Games. 

Most of the major gods (with the exception of Hera, since she has no children) have no choice of who gets chosen. But somehow, the ones who get chosen are their favorite, the strongest. 

Percy Jackson holds no memory of the tributes being reaped, yet he feels as if he knows them, especially the daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase. 

But only one demigod may win.  May the gods be ever in your favor.

TheBookyOwl TheBookyOwl Oct 01, 2016
Oh, and skills: ruthless, thief, had blessing of Ares when 10 (yes, I am that ruthless and fighter) quiet, short tempered... you do NOT want to make me angry!
AthenaFangirl AthenaFangirl Oct 23, 2016
Oh clothes
                              Always wears a camouflage coloured jumper, a blue necklace and black trousers
_Er1s_ _Er1s_ May 17, 2016
Idriss Morningstar 
                              Daughter of Hecate 
                              Black hair, dark eyes, pale skin
sanjanix30 sanjanix30 Sep 02, 2016
Adalyn Kylie Castillo
                              Daughter of Apollo
                              Celestial bronze bow named Truth, along with quiver and arrows...that turns into a chain with links and a charm of bows and arrows. Transforms when tapped.
                              Light controlling, healing
                              Strawberry blonde hair, emerald eyes, pale skin, 5'8
Almartin7 Almartin7 May 15, 2016
Tony Martinez
                              Son of Athena
                              Battle Strategy/Traps
                              Blond hair, gray eyes, olive skin
TheBookyOwl TheBookyOwl Oct 01, 2016
Kelleden (Kells) Jacobs
                              15, Ares.
                              Brown hair, wears military jacket, white shirt, and green pants ALL THE TIME.
                              She has earring of a spear and sword and takes spear first then takes sword and has two daggers in each combat boot.
                              I am too late?