Karma. (Stephen Curry) Book: 1

Karma. (Stephen Curry) Book: 1

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Amirah Chang and Wardell Curry were once best friends. They met in 1st grade and grew up together from there. All was well until 8th grade year of middle school. 

Amirah was just the goofy looking shy girl that could dance, while compared to her best friend who was a basketball prodigy, extremely popular, and the hottest boy in the school. She made him a better player, while he stayed on her about her dancing. Nothing could stop the Dynamic Duo, they couldn't be torn apart.

 The end of the 8th grade year party is where it all happened, one of Wardell's friends did something to Amirah that changed her whole entire life, she expected her best friend to take her side and he didn't. She blamed him for letting everything get to his head and that karma was a bitch. 

Little did she know, karma had a little plan of its own.


QueenKay10123 QueenKay10123 Jun 21, 2016
Wym. Ohhhhhhh. Thats some kool- Aid mix right there. Let me get my cheese pop corn
Warriorfan30 Warriorfan30 Jun 22, 2016
If she knew it was spiked she shouldn't have drunk it so technically she put her on self in that position
richshawt richshawt Jun 22, 2016
Hold up... 😐 Who You Talking To? Like Dead Ahh 🤔 Cuz I Know You Ain't Talking To Her.
NotYoB911 NotYoB911 Jul 24, 2016
Im so dead that i read that and said that before i even got to the word.😂😂