That's My Man Book 1

That's My Man Book 1

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Quincy Hart By quincyhart Updated Feb 14, 2016

Frank and Regina were the hot couple on their HBCU campus ten years before. They were engaged to be married when a misunderstanding sent Frank into the arms of Regina's blond bridesmaid 

Regina  moved in to the house at the corner of a cul-de-sac in a posh area of New York’s suburbs a few weeks ago. She still loves Frank although she is not admitting it even to herself. 

Frank lives with his wife, Regina's former friend Becky. They live in the back of the subdivision. 

Regina has a plan to get Frank away from her former friend and back into hers. Frank does not see it coming; he only sees the gorgeous woman who has come to his office to redress a problem she has with one of her investments. 

When Frank realizes that Regina is about to blackmail him, he wants to run for cover, but he’s stopped in his tracks. Regina shows him photographs of his wife cheating on him with a man living across the street. Although hurt, Frank knows it’s decision time. 

What will he do? Divorce his wealthy wife of five years or reject Regina’s advances at the risk of being blackmailed?