Always be in my Heart(Dragneel Fairytail)

Always be in my Heart(Dragneel Fairytail)

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Crazy me! By _Otaku101_ Updated Oct 14, 2015

This a small story on Zeref and Natsu.
 I hope u enjoy!

One day, Magnolia is experiencing some heavy rain for the past few weeks. Natsu and Happy are stuck in their house since there is no jobs requests. However, a visitor is looking for  shelter and stumbles upon them. 

They'll be surprise to find out who this stranger is....

Wait who's just screamed, Natsu or Zeref?
                              Nvm the chapter was great. It's funny that Natsu let a stranger to step up to his door, and let him freely walking around the house.
Knock knock
                              Natsu: Who's there?
                              Zeref: Ummm Nii Chan 
                              Natsu: STARE
Kinsey60801 Kinsey60801 Jun 21
*last line* what was that extremely high pitched girl scream?
I'm glad I'm not the one who imagined Natsu screaming like a girl
Kinsey60801 Kinsey60801 Jun 21
*Natsu slowly opens the door*
                              Zeref: NII-SAN!!!!!
                              Natsu: no.
Mutari Mutari Sep 24, 2015
i like to think that back then natsu zeref and his demons were one big family