How to Train Your Dragon (Fanfiction)

How to Train Your Dragon (Fanfiction)

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shayelee8 By shayelee8 Updated Aug 25, 2015

Hiccup is the runt of the family. Her father, the chief of her village, was the only parent figure that she had ever known ever since her mother was taken away when she was only a baby. Instead of being the father figure she needs, he pushes her away because of, what she thinks, herself being the runt. But really it is because she looks like her the chief's long-dead wife. Nobody has the heart to tell her so they kept it a secret from her.

One day, a dragon saves her life and changes her thinking about dragons. Will she be able to change the minds of Vikings or will one dragon change her opinion about dragons when it puts her village, and her friends, in danger? Now Hiccup must race against the odds and uncover hidden secrets about herself and ancient secrets about dragons, that no one ever knew about, to save all of those she loves.

"Hey guys Shayelee8 here!!! Sorry about changing the description and the tags but somebody, or something, keeps wiping it all away that I have to start over from scratch again and change the description a little every now and then. But anyway this is a fanfiction that I have thought of and wanted to post so I hope you all love it as much as I do!! BTW I don't own How to Train your Dragon but just the rights to the names I make up in this story!! Thanks!! Please read, vote, and comment on what you think!! Thank you all!! Shayelee8 out!!! Peace!!!"

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Mable6893 Mable6893 May 28, 2017
                              (I know it means girls have equal rights and all that, that's why I'm saying it. Just to be clear)
                              WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
Mable6893 Mable6893 May 28, 2017
Forget catapulting a rock. Stoick just throws the whole dang catapult.
thearizona thearizona Oct 16, 2017
Some would say as if somebody skimped on the meat in his sandwich. Hehe
thearizona thearizona Oct 16, 2017
Dang that’s loud. How did the door and the door frame even stand up to that force?
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Jan 10, 2016
Exactly. You don't care if she's ok or not, you just went to see her because Gobber told you to.
horseland123 horseland123 Sep 30, 2015
I'm already beginning to love this book! I can just see how cute this is going to be!...ahem...I mean, uh...I really feel bad for her....