Not so cold [Iceland x Reader]

Not so cold [Iceland x Reader]

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It was 9:36 in the morning on what felt like a normally Saturday morning. But I wasn't, you were going to your friend's house later. Where you get to see your best friends Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. You were especially excited to see Iceland. It had been a couple of days since you last met face to face and you couldn't wait. You lift up your thick warm cover off you body and sit up in your bed. You place your feet on the fluffy carpet and stand up. Your mum was downstairs cooking breakfast. You walk over to your wardrobe and pull out a white t-shirt and jeans. Your mum started calling you from downstairs. You quickly put on your clothes and run out your room to the kitchen. 

"(Y/n), there is someone at the door. Can you get it please." Your mum asks. You let out a sigh and walk to the door. You open the door a crack to see who it is. A pair of purple-blue eyes stare at yours. They move their white hair from in their eyes. You open the door.

"Emil? What are you doin...

ArceusFence ArceusFence Sep 06, 2016
She can't, My mum can't speak on the phone because she's not good at English
NeonTheNeko NeonTheNeko Feb 05
Then there's my mom xD 'bch make your own food, you know where everything is I'm leaving, bye!'
Emilylovesanime Emilylovesanime Aug 14, 2016
Just a suggestion. Try not to start your sentences with 'you or your' as much. :)
xKillua_Zoldyckx xKillua_Zoldyckx Aug 13, 2016
                              NA NA.
                              HERE IM NORWAAYY
                              BECAUSE IM HIS LITTLEE BROO!!
                              LET THE CRACK LIVE OOONNNN!!!
                              I was crack anyways...
Mightypoocheyena Mightypoocheyena Jul 26, 2016
I got pretty tired of almost EVERY sentence starting with you or your, try changing these words because I got pretty tired of it, editing would be good too since you've completed the story because I saw a couple of errors, that's all :P