Percy Jackson: Broken and Mute

Percy Jackson: Broken and Mute

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Daughter of The Big3 By DemigodInTraining Updated Dec 31, 2016

All was going well during the battle against Gaea and the Giants. He demigods had managed to convince Zeus to let the gods help fight the war. Monsters fell in battle. The casualties from the Demigod army was very small. Then things started going downhill.

With the rest of the seven dead, Percy Jackson is too shocked and broken to utter a single word. He tries to cut all ties from the gods and goes into hiding from the gods. He attends a high school, where he lives and learns, having a normal high school experience, except for being mute. 

When new dangers arise, the gods will do everything they can to find, capture, persuade, and help their hero. When they need him the most, will he be found? Will he help them? Or will he hold a grudge that lasts forever?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the PJO or HOO characters.

Warning: Some fight scenes.

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Fandom_Mermaid01 Fandom_Mermaid01 May 17, 2017
Not to be rude but, how the heck do you die from a knife in your SHOULDER
When they all shouted for Zeus to lower percy to the ground I realised that everyone would be dead if Zeus had killed off the plane with hazel, frank and percy.
                              Reply with who u think would have died and I'll tell u if u are right or not
wolverfox wolverfox Nov 27, 2017
Brilliant first chapter! Interesting Point of View choice, I wouldn't have even guessed it was Thanatos.
MarsBar26 MarsBar26 Jan 10, 2017
Ghoul-of-death Ghoul-of-death Apr 16, 2016
That would technically be impossible the atoms in his body would burn and Percy would die. He would need abilities over light to do that
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Sep 04, 2016
Eat and sleep 😂😂😂 it's weird how fast I can go from 😭😭😭 to 😂😂😂