Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

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Growing up in a small town, Brianna Raine makes her great escape to New York city to attend NYU, leaving every memory of her childhood behind her. There, she meets Owen Montgomery, an angry, troubled boy, at a party which her room mate drags her to. Both of them figure out there is a thin line between love and hate, and they are walking it. They were from two completely different world, or so they believed. 

This hold mature and explicit content!

"Humans have a tendency in choosing the one  thing that ruins them because it imprints their souls and makes for a beautiful disaster."

Not even through the first sentence and I already know I'm going to love this book
Hallie_ox Hallie_ox May 30
Lucky you, my parents would kill me if I applied to a university further in the country. England isn't even that big to begin with! Ugh, and now I'm stuck with commuting for an hour everyday. #AsianParents
CatsDay CatsDay Jul 21
Its really good book i like it and by the way read my book its called"Wild Cat NO:13" thanks its action
I'm going to use incorrect grammar real quick. 
                              BITCH WHY IS YOU HIDIN'!?
My town is even smaller. You can make it across town in 5 minutes, 7 if there is a lot of traffic
My town has two stoplights and one gas station. It's actually not even a town. It's a village