Clever Girl [Jurassic World] Wattys2015

Clever Girl [Jurassic World] Wattys2015

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Jurassic Park failed. Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler were happy to go back to dealing strictly with bones. Back home a new battle began between the couple, one wanting kids and the other could live without them. In the end, Dr. Grant lost the battle and the couple welcomed to the world a little girl. 

Keira Grant grew up with two of the most highly noted people in dinosaur history. With a top paleontologist as her father and an energetic paleobotanist as her mother it wouldn't surprise many that she grew up to hold the same love for the dinosaurs as her parents. What her parents didn't expect was their daughter falling into the same thrilling trap they had twenty years prior.

Keira works for Jurassic World, much to her parents protest, but to give them some peace of mind, she works with the herbivores on site. But things start to change when she meets the charming Raptor trainer, Owen Grady.

What happens when the carnivores come out to play?

Book 1 of 3.

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Jurassic park idiots: pointing gun at fake raptor. Turns around to find a raptor behind him. ' yeah I won't do anything to stop myself from being killed so i will just say clever girl INSTEAD OF USEING THE FULLY LOADED GUN IN MY HAND. some people are really stuiped don't you guys agree?
Dear me a year ago
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Ichinomori Ichinomori Jun 15
I remember when I was a kid and I thought they were called long necks. Thanks Land Before Time
Is it pronounced "kee-rah"  "ki-rah" kee-air-ah" or "ki-air-rah"
miss_mixer miss_mixer Jun 12
Herbivores are like the hippy stoner lesbians of the dinosaur world and the carnivores are the people who are always angry and offended then the omnivores are just like...there