But We've Lost A Lot ↭ Bellamy Blake [Book 2]

But We've Lost A Lot ↭ Bellamy Blake [Book 2]

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find your zen By brandeeddcom Updated Sep 11

Bellamy/OC Sequel to 'Lose A Little To Save A Lot' based on the TV show 'The 100'.

"Zen, lose a little to save a lot, remember? This is just another example. It'll be okay."

As much as I wanted to believe him, I couldn't. The saying that kept me sane was losing its meaning. 

"But we've lost a lot."

I do not own Bellamy Blake, The 100, or any of the characters in the show. I only own Zen Burrows, and the events that I have added that involve her that aren't in the show (that I've made up).

So she's just kinda chillin there with a sword sticking out of her? That's the most badass thing I've ever read/imagined.
I hated the fact that they changed their piece of mind once they hit the ground. Y'all float people for having 2 babies, but when someone kills 2 people, it's alright? Now don't get me wrong, I love John. A lot. But it makes no sense to me.
She had harm done to her collarbone, like 3 times and a arrow go through her bicep... And then got a sword in her stomach... I think she'll live.
This part got me so mad like who tf do you think you are they survived by themselves without you so bîtch the door👉🏽🚪
Whenever someone calls him by his first name it always sounds weird, like "Hey John." 
                              I think Murphy suits him better.
rubycitrus rubycitrus May 19
I was so mad when Murphy and Raven's relationship never went further than this.