✧sex tapes✧

✧sex tapes✧

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luke discovers the boys sex tapes 


 a lot of smutty shit happens afterwards

Oml don't stop came on because i was listening to my Spotify playlist😂😂
peaceupcdizzle peaceupcdizzle May 24, 2016
You're tellin me you've never seen cal naked, luke?
                              I've seen him naked more than ive seen myself naked and im a fan. Not his fûcking bestie
larrywontsink larrywontsink Nov 29, 2015
*sneaks over to luke's house and steals the box and his vcr* ima just borrow these... for science
-baekhuyn -baekhuyn Sep 22, 2015
this reminds me of the livestream where Calum was acting like he was a YouTube employee
-unloveable- -unloveable- Sep 05, 2015
I can just imagine him sitting there eating popcorn wide eyed and watching the whole thing tbh XD