Daughter of Levi.  ((.:AOT Fanfic:.)) ((~•Eren x Reader•~))

Daughter of Levi. ((.:AOT Fanfic:.)) ((~•Eren x Reader•~))

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Olivia By ArtAngel112 Updated Sep 05, 2016

Being the Corporal and Humanities Strongest's only daughter isn't so bad is it? Nope. Your dad has been way too overprotective of you after losing your mother to the Titans... But after a few years, new recruits come, and this one newbie you recognize really catches your eye... Eren Jeager... The boy who can transform into none other than a Titan... But, you are also 'gifted' with this power... With Corporal Levi as your Dad, and Eren and his friends joining, things are going to get a little tougher for you and everyone else...

Rinny394 Rinny394 a day ago
Yassss he like has to be EVERYONES FAVORITE character from POTC!!!!
wolf_inside_me wolf_inside_me Nov 18, 2015
*likes chapter before reading* wait. This is x reader?!?!?! I did not sign up for this!!!