~Septiplier~Internet failure

~Septiplier~Internet failure

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Thisaccountisdead By Mistycamron Completed

(Also warning this is under editing and there are typos and spelling mistakes because I never spell checked a damn thing)

This story contains very disturbing content! Such as: sexual violence, depression, cutting, anxiety, and other obscene topics. It is purely my imagination and in no way true!

(Disclaimer - July 27th, 2016 : it's been a year or 2 since I've written this story, now I hate it and its sequel, I've thought about taking it down but I just can't bring myself to do it. There are many, many, many typos because I didn't proofread at all when I wrote this. )

If you are not phased by any of this please read,I hope you enjoy. (Also I swear I'm not stupid I just don't spell check any of my stuff so there are a multitude of mistakes)

Jack has depression,has had anxiety,he cuts,he also has a crush on mark. 
He got depression when his girl friend left him,he got anxiety when he realized he liked mark. He started citing when he realized mark would never like him back.
He tells mark about his depression and anxiety over Skype,but then his internet fails.............
What happens now?

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  • depression
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  • markiplier
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Oh honey, this is wattpad. There's a bunch of cringy shíte. Just look at my account.
oliverblue71 oliverblue71 Apr 27, 2016
dun worry jack!
                              something good will happen!
                              you just have to stay DETERMINED!
blOob_Fish blOob_Fish Sep 01, 2016
                              IVE WORE THE SAME FOOKEN HAIRSTYLE FOR A MONTH
                              AND DAMN IT WAS UNCOMFORTABLE
sxftspxkxn sxftspxkxn Sep 06, 2016
I dunno.
                              I write morbid and twisted stories all the time.
                              But, I do have to say it's annoying how someone got knocked or almost every chapter :/
Thereadernamedloren Thereadernamedloren Sep 01, 2016
Jack you have me I will love you Forever Always Laugh and smile and be happy you inspire me to be happy Be yourself
arreisdabest arreisdabest Jul 01, 2016
I've worn a jacket that long but not like to sleep and all that its just my favorite jacket if its hot I tie it around my waist for the comfort of knowing its there I would tell you the back story of the jacket but who gives a flip 😂