New Attraction ▷ Zach Mitchell

New Attraction ▷ Zach Mitchell

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"Corporate felt genetic modification would up the 'wow' factor." 

"They're dinosaurs. 'Wow' enough."

Lyla Mattson is invited to join Zach and Gray Mitchell, two brothers who have known Lyla all their lives, to go and visit the boys' aunt, Claire, who works at the fun adventure park,  Jurassic World. 

But things take a turn for the worst when the new attraction at the park, a highly intelligent creature, escapes and is killing everything in sight. Lyla, Zach, and Gray have to stick together in order to survive and make it home safe.

[Zach Mitchell x OC]

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CatalinaLau CatalinaLau Nov 13
I'm 16 and I can't wait to graduate from high school, so then I graduate from college and then I get a job so I can  have lots of money so I can get an American Visa so I can go to Disneyland and die because of excitement
I always have my ringer off so this is my dad and my friends
CatalinaLau CatalinaLau Nov 13
It's funny because when I was eleven I would put my earbuds in the road and listen to A Thousand Years imagining my own tragic love story
That would've been the perfect chance to kiss him but you didn't...😂
Kelly: Call me everyday and text me pic so i dont forget what you look like
                              Zach: ill only be gone a week
                              Me: Girl how are you gonna forget what he looks like, Do you have another boyfriend or multiple boyfriends <_< >_>
I get to happy when I go to the park or any place in general except hell