Deeply In Love With My Bully

Deeply In Love With My Bully

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A girl, Elizabeth Edwards, She's 17 years. Going to school of Holmes Chapel where she is being bullied by group of 5 boys named Harry Styles , Zayn Malik , Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. 

And, everyday things just got worse for her. But what happens when one day Harry suddenly feels something?!
What will happen when one day harry will finally realise he has fallen for  her!?

Will anything be changed in her life ?

Will she fall for Harry Styles? 


It was my first, so please watch out for the mistakes, there are lots of them. 

But hopefully you guys will like this one! 
Sequel of this book, is already up!

Love y'all!

All rights reserved ®√√

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llucichan llucichan Jul 30
У меня слоника розового зовут "Гарольд Эдвард Стайлс 2"
Why are they always saying the type of the phone they have? I mean just say phone, i personally think it isn't nessecery saying that the phone an iphone is...
llucichan llucichan Jul 30
*понимает только несколько слов*
                              *ненавидит себя за незнание английского*
llucichan llucichan Jul 30
Здрасте, ребят. Кто будет хорошим мальчиком и переведет это для меня?
imagination-x imagination-x Sep 01, 2016
I have read another book and it's like this as well. Super similar! No hate
carbonization carbonization Oct 01, 2016
Have to find the person who invented it. And beat the shït  out of that person.