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near x reader

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ampharos_54 By ampharos_54 Updated Oct 17, 2015

         I walked into school as normal and headed for the bathroom.
       Once there I took care of business and walked out. I bumped into one of my friends named Annie. (Haha, wow I'm so original) 
        "hey Annie" I said. "oh hi (y/n)" she replied.
       Her hair was blonde and kept in a type of bun in the back if her head. She was also fairly short. "what's up" I said. "nothing much, I just need to take a piss" she replied. I giggled. "go right on ahead" I said. She walked in and I walked away.
         I then walked to the cafetria like I do every morning and sat at my usual spot. 
        I got out my binder and grabbed some homework I had to do and got started on it.
     My other Friend Ayumi walked in. "still doing homework in the morning?" She asked. I nodded. 
       The bell rung about 20 minutes later.


     I didn't finish and put my papers back in my binder and my binder back in my backpack.
       I headed to first period.

     -start of fir...

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If Annie were in death note she'd probably kill Light not caring if there weren't any real evidence that he's Kira
Sugas-swaeg Sugas-swaeg Apr 30
When I hear "Annie" I think of my ex-step mom and dats not a good thing to even think of
Was hell and very unexpected
                              I missed a godammed pool party because of it🖕
I'm going to imagine Bîtch sensei from assassination classroom as the teacher.
alethea-exe alethea-exe Mar 27
                              ITS GOT CHOCOLATE, PADS, TAMPONS, AND ASPIRIN!
Kai_shino Kai_shino May 22, 2016
Watashi no kami ā, watashi wa kuso shingeki no kyojin o aishi :D          Btw I don't always speak in Japanese