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near x reader

near x reader

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ampharos_54 By ampharos_54 Updated Oct 17, 2015

         I walked into school as normal and headed for the bathroom.
       Once there I took care of business and walked out. I bumped into one of my friends named Annie. (Haha, wow I'm so original) 
        "hey Annie" I said. "oh hi (y/n)" she replied.
       Her hair was blonde and kept in a type of bun in the back if her head. She was also fairly short. "what's up" I said. "nothing much, I just need to take a piss" she replied. I giggled. "go right on ahead" I said. She walked in and I walked away.
         I then walked to the cafetria like I do every morning and sat at my usual spot. 
        I got out my binder and grabbed some homework I had to do and got started on it.
     My other Friend Ayumi walked in. "still doing homework in the morning?" She asked. I nodded. 
       The bell rung about 20 minutes later.


     I didn't finish and put my papers back in my binder and my binder back in my backpack.
       I headed to first period.

     -start of fir...

If Annie were in death note she'd probably kill Light not caring if there weren't any real evidence that he's Kira
                              ITS GOT CHOCOLATE, PADS, TAMPONS, AND ASPIRIN!
Kai_shino Kai_shino May 22, 2016
Watashi no kami ā, watashi wa kuso shingeki no kyojin o aishi :D          Btw I don't always speak in Japanese
blue_burst16 blue_burst16 Feb 07, 2016
Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan.  You are my favorite character yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy
BewitchingMelody BewitchingMelody Apr 15, 2016
Just like when she gets hurt
                              Annie are you OK are you OK are you OK Annie
LittleLostLife LittleLostLife Feb 14, 2016
When I heard Annie I was thinking about AoT but also about that one song XD and then you begin describing her to the point where I was flipping tables liek Mad! XD