Shokugeki No Soma x Reader

Shokugeki No Soma x Reader

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Lala The Llama By LalaTheLlama Updated Jul 18, 2016

A collection of Shokugeki No Souma one shots, and I'm currently taking requests. :3

(c) Though I wish I owned Shokugeki No Soma, I don't because their drawings are amazing, and mine suck... But I can cook...! Kinda... Sorta... Okay, barely... So, yeah... IF YOU DON'T WATCH SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. ASAP.

NOTICE: Might soon end after a certain amount of parts to the book. Will then be publishing my own proper books (original works), and maybe after, an Anime x Reader collection book. 

Thanks for all of your support. :)

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Anonymous_girl545 Anonymous_girl545 Aug 12, 2017
                              I swear on my life and pride to make this ship SAIL. If this operation will fail then Ill do EVERYTHING in my power to make this ship sail"
                              A proud quote made by Miss Anony right before she slipped from the chair she was standing on with her right foot on the table
-Symphony- -Symphony- Nov 24, 2017
Shokugeki no Soma - Anime Logic:
                              Whoever goes first to let the judges taste their dish always end up losing! 
                              (Or at least most of the time that happens in the Anime...)
Green-Coffee Green-Coffee Jul 26, 2017
                              ~Hardcore [shipname] shipper
QueenofSass508 QueenofSass508 Dec 27, 2017
i don't think anyone has really noticed but Subaru (if I recall correctly) is a brand of a car
Green-Coffee Green-Coffee Jul 26, 2017
Sadness overwhelms you by the thought of your ship never sailing
QueenofSass508 QueenofSass508 Dec 27, 2017
You do know that I have a name and it sure as hell ain't Girly