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7 Days

7 Days

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Waldo Green By WaldoGreen Completed

"I don't care how much money you have," I said as I stood from my desk, "I think you need to go Mr. Amini."

"But I'm a billionaire, baby!" He laughed.

"Cool! I'm a millionaire," I crossed my arms. He's got a lot of nerve coming over to MY company tying to woo me! Ha!

He stood up and walked over to me. Woah, he's way taller in person.

"I want you," he whispered.
"Mr. Amini-"
"You can call me by my first name," he dragged his finger from my cheek to my neck.

"Fine," I said getting nervous, "Raheem, get out!" He was looking down my blouse. I smacked him.

"What the heck is wrong with you!?" I yelled. He laughed, touching where I slapped him.

"Just call me Ray."

"LEAVE RAY!" I pushed him but he wasn't moving .

"How about this," he whispered in my ear, "I will have you within he next seven days."

"Yeah right!" I chuckled.
"So that's a bet?" He smirked. I knew he had no chance.

"Yeah sure!" I laughed at him. "Now get out!"

He gave me a seductive smile and left my office.

And the time begins...

zedinaa zedinaa Jun 22, 2016
Miss jackson miss jacson miss jackson are you NASTYYY are you NASTY?
brandy113qazwsx brandy113qazwsx Jul 25, 2016
Miss Jackson miss jackson  miss jackson are you nasty PATD😂
Corrynwatson Corrynwatson Oct 28, 2016
Um i mean honesty is the best policy right? Well in this cause not really!
BoooYouWhore BoooYouWhore Jul 13, 2016
Climbing out the back door didnt leave a mark no one knows its you miss jackson
                              Found another victim
                               but no one gonna find miss jackson jackson JACKSON JACKSON
bearjay bearjay Dec 30, 2016
Yesss girl men think we need them to be on our grind gtfo outta here
Nashi_Lux_Dragneel Nashi_Lux_Dragneel Jun 28, 2016
I love guys with long hair they're so hot to me😍😍
                              Not to long but long enough