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Found(tokyo ghoulxvampire knight)

Found(tokyo ghoulxvampire knight)

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@-@ By chisarreychesire Updated Mar 18

when 15 year old umi shima gets sent to america and gets attacked by a ghoul on her first night there,she attacks the ghoul by biting it.a fatal mistake,for her.she turns into a one-eyed ghoul just like kaneki.3 years later,(after mastering her new ghoul side,)she is transferred to the elite boarding school in vampire knight!!!

"Oh, and the night class is a group of vampires." No offense but I think it would sound better of as, "yo, the night class is filled with vampiahs!" Jk. It would sound better if he said, "The last thing I need to inform you of is the night class. It is a group of vampires. I wish you luck."
-Glassy_Sky- -Glassy_Sky- a day ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the story's so good but the spacing and lack of paragraphs makes it so hard to read T^T
Why would you tell him that? I thought you would be like, "Look, keep your nose in your own business. I ain't got time for bean spillin'"
chisarreychesire chisarreychesire Oct 04, 2016
the f*ck was i thinking when i wrote this?did i have too much sugar again?
-emath- -emath- Mar 20, 2016
I used to have like a huge crash on him (Sasha)?) which is gross considering the type of anime, which happened to be the very first anime I watched XD
bailey317 bailey317 Jul 04, 2016
Why would you even tell him that? And why wouldn't he keep asking questions?