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Nikolaus Chaser By turtleshells Completed

The wind whipped at her hair, causing her curls to fly into her anguished face.  Staring at the moon from atop the steep cliff, Trudy sighed.  Why don’t I just jump right now? She though solemnly.  The wedding was in three days.  The wedding she hadn’t wanted.  The wedding she wasn’t ready for.  Trudy stepped forward, her toes peeking over the edge of the cliff.  She turned away from the moon, so her back was facing the wind.  She closed her eyes, and let her body weight carry her backwards, off the cliff.  But before she could part from the ground completely, a pair of hard and strong hands grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back into the owner’s chest. 	 “Careful, child…” he whispered, holding her close to his toned and chiseled chest.     Trudy, the oldest daughter of Alpha Dolph (the leader of their pack) has been chosen to marry the oldest son of Alpha Ralf.  This is the leader of the neighboring pack of werewolves, who have become more of a threat than a friend to Alpha Dolph’s pack in the past few months.  As a solution to this, Alpha Dolph has offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to Kenyan, Alpha Ralf’s son.  Of course, they both obliged, but neither of them really wants to go through with the marriage.  Oh, the things we do for our packs….

I think the word he used works because it means to attack ferociously
Summerz1 Summerz1 Apr 09, 2014
Really interesting prologue. Can't wait to carry on reading !:D