Frenemies (Grayson Dolan fanfic)

Frenemies (Grayson Dolan fanfic)

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When 15 year old Adriana Silva moves from the state of New York to New Jersey, things don't turn out so well. A new home, new school, and new friends is really hard for Adriana to get used to. But what happens when she meets the schools bad boy, Grayson Dolan? Grayson, hooking up with tons of girls, tries to get with Adriana, but she doesn't want to be with a player type of guy. What happens if Adriana changes him? Would they become friends? Would they become more than that? What if they even become frenemies?

But some things may come in the way, and how will Adriana compete with that? 

*this story takes place how they're not famous. Just letting you know so you won't be confused :)

>>> sequel to this story is called The Bad Boy I Once Knew ! And check out my other story Best Mistake ! And my new one called The Switch Up !


It would mean a lot if you please don't copy this story and all my other stories and it's plots :) 
Thank you very much

I can't stand my English teacher! She's such a b¡tchhhhhhhhhhhhh!
im fuccking cracking up im like imaging the videos they make w the wigs and him saying that in a deeeppppp voice
AdriDolan AdriDolan Sep 10
Ayyy my name is Adriana. And I love New York. I've lived there for like 6 years. Lots of memories, for sure 😂😂
We don't even have lockers in our school, we only have shelves to put our books and that's it 😂👌🏻
I don't know why but this reminded me of the Disney movie Zapped or whatever I think it's callee
Lmao kids aren't like this at my school, we n
                              Bump into each other or some people shove all the time😂 there are no dirty looks flashed it's just "get the f outta my way!" Or they don't say anything and just push you to the side