Never More Never Less- Natsu x Reader [Lemon]

Never More Never Less- Natsu x Reader [Lemon]

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Marié By lemonytaste Updated Oct 26, 2015

(Y/N) is a girl with long (h/c) hair. She's just another member of Fairy Tail. But not just any member. For years, (Y/N) has been sleeping. For years- she hasn't been awake. 

But when she wakes up, her fate is to fall in-love with the man she first sees. But that so annoying. At least, to her. 

His name?

Natsu Dragneel

[D I S C O N T I N U E D]

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CandyAppleLu CandyAppleLu Jul 23, 2017
Im reading threw these comments and all I can say is.. I love you people 😂
Kahzy_Chan Kahzy_Chan Aug 01, 2017
When I read this I flew back from my bed "here comes the BOOM"
cureheart333 cureheart333 Dec 29, 2017
Well, um, yeah... I heard you've been asleep for 200 years. No wonder, am I right?
- - Mar 18, 2017
                              SAY MY NAME
                              WHEN NOBODY IS AROUND YOU
                              SAY BABY I LOVE YOU!!!!
astheticnewt astheticnewt Apr 17, 2017
                              CAAAUSE I'M HAVINGA GOOD TIIIIME
                              HAVING A GOOD TIIIIME
Devilslittlegirl318 Devilslittlegirl318 Oct 29, 2017
Say my name say my name
                              When no one is around you, say baby I love you
                              If you ain't running game
                              Say my name, say my name
                              You acting kinda shady when calling me baby 
                              why the sudden change?