Life of a Popstar

Life of a Popstar

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Britt Moonson 🌙 By BrittniFarr_R5 Updated Sep 18

R5 has 5 members, 4 siblings, 3 blondes,  and 2 brunettes. They are basically 1 family.

Ross Lynch; lead singer and youngest member of R5. He has a girlfriend, Courtney Eaton. Courtney has a career as a model. Not to mention, she's very pretty (obviously)! 

However, Courtney hates the fact Ross is always playing a concert, recording songs, and constantly talking about his fans who are considered 'R5 Family'. 

Ross is growing tired of the fact Courtney can't handle his family, his career. 

One day, Ross's older brother Riker brings over his girlfriend, Vanessa Marano. There, Ross will meet Vanessa's younger sister, Laura Marano. 

Ross and Laura instantly click and become very good friends. 

What will Ross think of Laura who totally understands how his life works? What will Courtney think of Ross hanging out with Laura? 

~Find out in: Life of a Popstar 
{By: BrittniFarr_R5}    [I'm hoping the story is better than the description]

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Boonie2002 Boonie2002 Oct 06, 2016
Who paying? Because if she's asking then she better pay and I'm choosing the highest thing on the menu plus dessert. And even a appetizer if I'm really hungry
moonlightbaed moonlightbaed Nov 23, 2016
I'm between 10 and 15 years old and my height is already 5"9½ 
                              COURTNEY BITCH I'M GONNA BE TALLER!
GoldenCharm12 GoldenCharm12 Nov 27, 2016
So what? Hate to break it to you sister but some couples don't see each other in 3 months. So what I am trying to say is.......
                              "You gotta be kidding me!"
Buh-bye(if anyone knows where this came from I'll love you forever)
Oh well then at least me and your mom are on the same page then....cause I don't like her either
Boonie2002 Boonie2002 Oct 06, 2016
And Jesus went his whole life without seeing his father. Your point?. 
                              P.S this is my 4th time rereading this book