♡Assassination Classroom x Reader One~Shots♡

♡Assassination Classroom x Reader One~Shots♡

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♡ By xoCANDYox Updated Dec 26, 2016

For all of your Assclass romance needs!

* I'm only going to do x reader c: * 


*Request are temporarily closed

EL_Storm EL_Storm Jun 14, 2016
Can you do a
                              Isogai x reader? 
                              My idea:  You know that Isogai works as a waiter right? So what I was thinking that the reader always visits the cafe he works at and you could probably figure out where to go from there: 3
Lynnamyyxx Lynnamyyxx Sep 12, 2016
Yandere! Karma x Tomboy! Reader. A new girl in class. That's all I got.
katieeekatekate katieeekatekate Jul 01, 2016
Karma x reader. 
                              when karma goes to high school he meets a girl 
                              Karma: bad boy type
                              Reader: tomboy
FerrisWheel28 FerrisWheel28 Dec 26, 2016
Hello Candy-chan! Can you please do a Nagisa X Ghost? It may be like Nagisa accidentally meeting a ghost in 3-E campus or in the forest. Thank you!♥
AkitaUma AkitaUma Jun 29, 2016
korosensei x male reader 
                              korosensei proposes to reader in front of his students
-GaleTheGamer- -GaleTheGamer- Jun 06, 2016
If ur not to busy,may I ask u to make a karma x suicidal reader,or a karma x depressed reader,I know its out of the ordinary but I haven't found any yet