Where did my pervs go?  (TMNT) -complete-

Where did my pervs go? (TMNT) -complete-

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Papa's Gunna Spank U By XxCyberBunnyxX Completed

sequel to ' mikey!, target of the pervs '

Mikey feels strange, and he can't help what he says..... or dose XD

Warning: pure crack, no seriousness whatsever.... oh, and incest obviously

Also, don't expect any tcest after I finish this and my matchmaker story :) I'm more into brotherly love now

Me: *laughing on the ground while having the floor with my fist*
                              Sister: Bro? You alright?
                              Me: He..... Burned...... 
                              Sister: *what she heard* 'Me.... Burned....'...
                              I'm calling mom!
'I don't know'...?
                              That's the smartest answer that I always use
-sends the vid to his bros- MUAHAHAHAHA!! Raph:SHUT IT!! Me:U WILL REGRET SAYING THAT SOON!!😏 Mikey:AHHHHHHH GET OUT OF MY ROOM!! Me:GOTTA GO FAST!!             -poof-
It cool. I trip over my own feet from time to time, but tripping over an earring?  That's f#+@$©g embarrassing.
YAS BISH YAS!!!! Mikey:can you shut up?! Me:....NO BISH NO!!! Splinter:I'm going to have to ask you to leave... Me:*steals the unicorns and pizza* BYE BISHS-poof-