Revelations Of a Nymphomaniac

Revelations Of a Nymphomaniac

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Butterflykisses By Sweediepie101 Updated Jul 12, 2016

NB: Chapters 1, 3 &4 are now private. In order to gain access to these chapters you'll have to follow my account. 

Thanks to Lordette for the amazing cover. 
Warning!! warning!! warning!! ⚠!!!
Please do not read this book if you are: deeply religious, if you are not a fan of hard core sex or if you are just plain BORING and doesn't have a sense of humor!!  
Meet Athena Vermont

A Real Estate Agent for Blue Ray Real  Estates, she loves her job and is very good at it but don't be fooled she is not as simple as she looks. She has an awful weakness. 

She went from stripper to cooperate queen but can Athena live up to the expectations of the cooperate world due to her weakness?
The views expressed in this novel are not necessarily those of the author, her character, beliefs or way of life.   

Therefore you are expected not to criticize or judge the author but to read with an open mind, bearing in mind that this is just a literary work.

ssiimmsso ssiimmsso Apr 03, 2016
And this, ladies and gents, is when you know you're getting a little too desperate for dick; when you're ready to give up your life lls
dreamergy dreamergy Oct 05, 2015
Athena realy loves sex lol. I found her really relatable somehow. and I cant wait to know more about this guy.
dreamergy dreamergy Oct 05, 2015
Nice beginning. I love the background of mc here so I could get to her. cant wait to read more
kelsybetsy201 kelsybetsy201 Jul 28, 2015
Well this girl sure loves sex no matter how rough it gets but that guy he needs to work on his stamina he fell asleep way too early if that was me I would be so disappointed but I like your book so far
charlottefrenchbooks charlottefrenchbooks Jul 16, 2015
Nice set up and that ending really wants you to keep reading.
Sweediepie101 Sweediepie101 Jun 15, 2015
Lol. I think Athena met her match... Do you think she will end up clinging to this guy?