Marry You?! {manxman}

Marry You?! {manxman}

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Jess By baconpancakes42 Updated Jul 26, 2015

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, or so I thought. 

It was my birthday night, so I decided to enjoy myself by going to a bar. It was a beautiful night, so why not? 

With a few drinks, ok a lot of drinks, anything could happen. 

What I did NOT expect was to wake up in the morning beside some man. 

With a wedding ring on!

Yeah. He made a mess outta you. THIS STORY IS AWESOME!! More!! 😍 💜
d4rth_vader d4rth_vader Aug 25
Yeah, no thanks
                              Back to disappointingly deleting this book and searching i go
kiki4tay kiki4tay Nov 24
This is the reason why u should not drink😱😁😂😂😂😂😂👏👏
DeVries42 DeVries42 Jun 22
Is Malabu (or however you spell it) a boy or a girl, I'm so confused
Sabinegswag Sabinegswag Mar 08
*in the background* oooohhhhhhhhh *malibu glares at me* sorry *runs away*
Well no because their in Vegas so their are rapist in the hotel.