Yes, Sir. {1D BDSM}

Yes, Sir. {1D BDSM}

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Rosie By subniall Updated Jul 02, 2017

Niall Horan (16): A very submissive young man who relies on affection from others and quiet cuddly.
Louis Tomlinson (17): A theoretical sub, he bottoms but does not like to obey others, Very protective over his younger friend Niall.

Zayn Malik(19): Pretends to submit to Liam Payne even though he is a dominant himself, looking for a sub.
Liam Payne (19): Highly dominant and asked his lover Zayn to act as his submissive to make their relationship seem okay in society.
Harry Styles (18): A dominant young man who will not put up with disobedient subs and looking for 'his' boy.

These five lads all attend Direction Academy of BDSM in a society where BDSM is highly honored. By the time they are thirteen young men and women present as either Submissives or Dominants. Then they go to schools to find their match.

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MagicSpirts MagicSpirts Nov 27, 2017
You are very controlling xD uncomfortsble? So like now? NIALL TELL HIM YOU ARENT COMFORTABLE-wait that would break the rule of  talk when you asked to. SO BACKFIRE AGAIN
MagicSpirts MagicSpirts Nov 27, 2017
Ya, it kind of HUMAN to try to hideout fears at some moments so this is where Niall will be bad at-I mean have you seen the way you act?! You scare nialler!
YouCantHideRealLove YouCantHideRealLove Dec 29, 2017
And Mikey Dom? Luke Sub? Wait... I can see with the Luke thing.
MagicSpirts MagicSpirts Nov 27, 2017
So what if Niall is scared while cumming? And tells you- he told you he was scarced(rule4) and you CANT THANK SOMEONE WHEN THAT PERSON CAUSED YOU FEAR! :) backfire
YouCantHideRealLove YouCantHideRealLove Dec 29, 2017
He hasn't even said anything yet but the sass is to the max!
TheSiriusBIack TheSiriusBIack Aug 13, 2017
Nah, I'll call you guys Hagrid and Dumbledore. Real turn on those names are.