Back In Time ϟ A Potter Fanfic [UNDER SERIOUS EDITING]

Back In Time ϟ A Potter Fanfic [UNDER SERIOUS EDITING]

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Hi, this is a shit fanfic I wrote when i was 12 so I wouldn't read it rip

James Sirius, Lily Luna and Albus Severus Potter sneak into their dad's study when they weren't supposed to and found a Time Turner. They accidentally send themselves back in time to Harry's sixth year. Before they leave however, the married Harry and Ginny grab hold of them and get sent back in time with them. When Harry and Ginny find a way to get back to their own time, Lily, Albus and James are too late and are stuck in the past.
What will happen? There are other times to explore. But what if they don't want to leave?

There seems to be a chain. A chain of time traveling. 
They suddenly get sent to various times after Harry's sixth year. 
They help Ron, Hermione and Harry with Horcruxes, they meet the Marauders, they witness the Battle of Hogwarts. Everything is going wrong.

"I love this story!" - Daalaa
"This is really good!" Hinny_Quidditch07_06

Again, you can't put Scorpious in GRYFFINDOR; you have to put him in SLYTHERING
Sorry to tell you this, but if you want to do a good fanfic you've got to put Albus in SLYTHERING not GRYFFINDOR
FalseChaos FalseChaos Mar 04, 2016
I love how James called Harry young one, even though he's Harry's son.
DeepInLove2017 DeepInLove2017 Feb 24, 2016
Don't get me wrong but I am internally screaming at all the time travel rules being broken cx
_Lily_Luna_ _Lily_Luna_ Sep 06, 2016
Sure... That's why there r three kids of u and her stuck in the past
LogicPolice LogicPolice Jan 17, 2016
*reading description* (thats what i picked first) James, Sirius, Lily, and Albus Dumbledore pick a time tuner.. I was like what and rereaded xD