The Hook

The Hook

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Ray Dillinger By RayDillinger Completed

This is a story that tells, among other things, why it really sucks to be psychic, what people who endlessly collect art and trivia are really doing, and where Gods, Goddesses and Devils come from.   

Rose is a telepath - but it isn't really "reading" minds, like a book... it's more like being the other people, thinking their thoughts, getting lost inside their heads while they get lost in yours, most of the time without even noticing it until it's already happened. 

 And that sort of sucks when the people whose minds you trip and fall into are being horribly murdered.

Hi.  Author here.  This is a finished story.  I've uploaded it now and it's complete on Wattpad.  Maybe people will like it.  Or, well, be disturbed by it anyway.  

I'm specifically looking for comments that address whatever I can do to make my writing better - although this story is already written, any constructive critiques I can get will help make later stories better.