Enemies With Benefits (Kellic)

Enemies With Benefits (Kellic)

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SulfurAndTheSea By SulfurAndTheSea Updated Jun 26, 2016

Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes have always hated each other with a burning passion. Everyone knew that, it was a simple fact. It was as simple as the sky being blue, or the grass being green.

Throughout both of their soccer careers, they've had a feud. Now, when they are both accepted into a prestigious college well known for its soccer team, they are forced to get over their differences and play with each other, on the same team.

Not only do they have to share a college, but they also have to share a room. 

Could life get any worse?

woah I didn't know there was gonna be smit in the first chapter 
hiv turns into aids with no cure. std has a cure but every single of it seems like a curse. be careful.
I'm gonna read it. I'm gonna read it .. and no one is gonna stop me
hey prove yourself to those people who's calling you alcoholic by drinking a lot of alcohol!
I think I'll choke throughout the whole book.... Much like kellin has.... Too soon?
itsme_vic__jk itsme_vic__jk Jun 21, 2016
Yasssss the story i gonna be the end of me u can tell by this sentence😂😂😂😂😂😂