A Forgotten Legend: Anaivere the First

A Forgotten Legend: Anaivere the First

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By his mother's last will, King John's little niece, Princess Anaivere was made the heir apparent to the throne instead of his later own child. At first, he intended to use his niece as a puppet in order to strengthen his power and get rid of the threats of rebellion from the starving commoners as Princess Anaivere was surely beloved by them; however, he didn't know that, being cared by a peasant-born nanny thus made Anaivere to stand by the commoners' side. She even anticipated in the First Barons' War and the historical Magna Carta, rebelling against her own uncle; later she took over the throne after his death and became a beloved monarch not only in her territories, but also respected by the Holy Roman Emperor. It was later called "the Golden Reign".
  King John's legacy, however, did not completely end. His remaining army had usurped Anaivere thus give the crown to King John's ten-year-old heir. Then, they even took malicious revenge on the predecessor, brought her to the scaffold and ended her life in tragedy.
  During the reign of Anaivere the First, she was called as the most beloved monarch. During the reign of Henry the Third, she was mentioned as the forgotten legend.

Tale of a virgin queen before Elizabeth Tudor and a martyr before Jeanne d'Arc.

*First tale in the Legendary Trilogy.

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-Unbowed- -Unbowed- Jun 14, 2017
Hi there! I like your story a lot, but just a quick tip. If you're going to be using medieval jargon, that sentence would best read, "Doest tho vow thy loyalty unto me and mine family?"
AliceGoesHunting AliceGoesHunting Jul 06, 2016
Don't worry author I was just being a smartass to make people laugh :p I like this book and I wasn't pointing out a mistake. Half my thing to make people laugh is being blunt haha!
willow_danvers willow_danvers Nov 06, 2015
 #RBLS This story is absolutely amazing! The descriptions in this are fantastically written so that I can clearly visualize everything that's happening. She writes so that every word is breathtaking and captivating. 
                              Good luck! <3
cknightgirl cknightgirl Oct 04, 2015
You are a very good writer. I thought it was going to be hard to read but I was able to understand it. I also like how its not too boring, like some other historical fictions I have read.
_Galasriniel_ _Galasriniel_ Sep 13, 2015
You write very well :) I must admit I had to get my head around the 'thee' and 'thou' but that's just me xD this was really good!