The School Biggest Player says I am His Mate......... As If!!!!

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Scarlet and Stefan Wilson are twins they do everything together even talk at the same time. What happens when they got to a new school filled with werewolves and humans. Or is there family secret they don't know about? Not soon  after Carter the school Player finds out Scarlet is his mate. Leaving Carter to changr his sleeping ways with other women. 
                Can Carter change his sleeping ways for his mate? Or will Scarlet even talk to him.... let alone accept him.
It's good:) but it doesn't really seem like a werewolf story other than the fact that Carter says Scarlet is his mate he hasn't even gone wolf except in the very beginning it just seems like a high school story
It sounds really interesting and yeah but i get kind of confused when they speak because speech marks aren't used and sometimes your sentences doesn't make sense. buts its good
U have a little bit of errors every now and then ...I could help u with that ...just message me !!
You should correct the dialoge. Its hard to tell who, and when, someone is talking. Use " " when someone speaks. Otherwise, people will lose intrest in your stories.
this ones a bit iffy  the whole tellepath thing uve added in natrully like its something nurmal u gotta make it suppriseing lik make them keep it a secret from ppl other then that its kool :)
wow i feel so mexican eating these learn how to spell first before you write something stupid like that -_- and what do cornflakes have to do with mexicans      -_-