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The School Biggest Player says I am His Mate......... As If!!!!

The School Biggest Player says I am His Mate......... As If!!!!

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Dreamgirl47 By Dreamgirl47 Completed

Scarlet and Stefan Wilson are twins they do everything together even talk at the same time. What happens when they got to a new school filled with werewolves and humans. Or is there family secret they don't know about? Not soon  after Carter the school Player finds out Scarlet is his mate. Leaving Carter to changr his sleeping ways with other women. 
            Can Carter change his sleeping ways for his mate? Or will Scarlet even talk to him.... let alone accept him.

mysticbeats mysticbeats Aug 27, 2015
Hi? It's been a while...I don't know if you would remember me at all but my old accountant was RedLadyBug Suzanna. The name is horrible I know. It took me a month to find this story. I just want to say congrats. FUN FACT: This was my very first werewolf story/ Wattpad story.
youngrasshopper96 youngrasshopper96 Mar 09, 2014
It's good:) but it doesn't really seem like a werewolf story other than the fact that Carter says Scarlet is his mate he hasn't even gone wolf except in the very beginning it just seems like a high school story
blakbear blakbear May 02, 2013
It sounds really interesting and yeah but i get kind of confused when they speak because speech marks aren't used and sometimes your sentences doesn't make sense. buts its good
U have a little bit of errors every now and then ...I could help u with that ...just message me !!
Dreamgirl47 Dreamgirl47 Jul 08, 2012
@JNightCHB  I am sorry if it upsets u but I am not changing it.. I am working on my other stories ...... Maybe someday I will but right now it is going to stay like it... Ur not the first to tell me..... Sorry
JNightCHB JNightCHB Jul 08, 2012
You should correct the dialoge. Its hard to tell who, and when, someone is talking. Use " " when someone speaks. Otherwise, people will lose intrest in your stories.