Angelic Expression (#YourStoryIndia)

Angelic Expression (#YourStoryIndia)

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Like a ray of sunshine, a sliver of hope

She graced my world with her beauty untold.

I was drowning I was dying

I could barely breathe

Sorrow and pain, crushing me mightily.

Her smile,her words, took away my pain

She took it all on her shoulders, putting Atlas to shame.

Her touch, her caress, set fire to my skin,

Burnt away my sorrows,purging my sins.

Like an approaching dawn, as splendid as the sun

Like a soft breeze, as gentle as a swan

Her love and laughter enthralled me

Spellbound I was, yet I felt free

Her gentle hands wiped my tears, her lively spirit frightened my fears

Her heart of gold brimming with love, her easy laughter as pure as a dove

An angel, a blessing bestowed by God 

A woman who, with my life, I ll guard.

I vow to love her till the end and beyond

Stronger than death, aye tis' our bond!

title credits - @TheHeadHill !

thanks for the awesome suggestion! :)