Majestic (Known as Reconstruction)

Majestic (Known as Reconstruction)

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Izzy Pov

He looked so familiar like I know him but yet again don't. He looked back every once and awhile with fire in his eyes

"Wow he so hot." Says my friend Daisy. 

I shrugged

"What do you think he is doing here at our school." She says.

"I don't know." I was starstuck.

I mean he entered the classroom and still hasn't said anything.  So boring.  All he has been doing is writing on the board and reading some papers. 

Our math teacher Ms.Gloom will never be absent because. She said that on the first day of school which was two days ago?  So what's this dude doing here?

He looks so attractive reading.  He was like one of those guys that you would see in the hottest magazines.

He rolled up his long white sleeve shirt. And turned around to face the class.

All the girls were staring at him dreamy. 

"Alright class my name is Alexander Henderson and I'm your new math teacher."

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SalvatoreO SalvatoreO May 25, 2016
I love this book series its so hooot n I can't wait  to read it all
pepsi5563 pepsi5563 Aug 30, 2015
oh my god yes! now its gonna be mainly about izzy and alex. is next gonna be samantha and angelo!? or dominic and rose when they were young!?
pepsi5563 pepsi5563 Aug 30, 2015
hold up. so do you use the same characters in your book??? thats gonna be confusing for me. im gonna think of izzy as the short funny freshly transformed vamp whos mated to another rude but caring & fun vamp.
_daylaylay_16 _daylaylay_16 Aug 03, 2015
Oohhh we'll someone's gone get a lil kinky with the teacher! ;)
Msbooklover18 Msbooklover18 Jun 15, 2015
great beginning instead of making him a classmate. I'm so proud of u!
barbie66 barbie66 Jun 15, 2015
yummy that how you get to know each other again become her teacher ....yeh!!!!can't wait for more. xoxo.