Vector x Reader

Vector x Reader

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I Am Trash! :D By ThatOneOtaku08 Updated Aug 14, 2016

You hummed silently as you looked out the window. You were bored out of your mind as the teacher continued rambling on about his lesson. 

"Psstt, (y/n)~" you felt someone tugging on your uniform so you turned your head and your eyes met with violet ones.

"Ah! Hi Ray!" You smiled at him as he latched onto your arm. You two were very close and it wasn't a mystery that you began to grow a crush on the red head. Although you never told him because you were waiting for the right time.~

-Present Time-

You fell onto your knees as Vector revealed himself to be Ray. It was just to much for you to handle. You were on board the ship with the rest of Yuma's friends and they were equally as shocked as you were. 

"W-why... Ray, please t-tell me this isn't true." You mumbled in fits of sobs. Vector looked toward the ship as if he had heard you, and simply laughed like a madman. He looked directly into the screen and at your (e/c) eyes. 

"I'm so sorry (y/n)-chan but this is the...

OtakuQueen_of_Lemons OtakuQueen_of_Lemons Jul 27, 2016
*"Do you think you can just swoop on in here and sweep me off my feet, huh!?"
pokemon123789 pokemon123789 4 days ago
                              FIGHT LIKE ME
Blackriser Blackriser May 04, 2016
I was tempted to yell out BARNEY GET THE EF OUT OF MY HOUSE and I don't know why xD cx
Pertexus Pertexus Aug 06, 2016
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yu-Gi-Oh... Always has that one hot sadistic and yandere guy
APHCanadawn APHCanadawn Feb 15, 2016
Yep. I manage to find a rock in SU, hetalia and like every show so yeah XDDD I'm solo glad there was a rock when I needed one XDDDD
LunaLuminoso LunaLuminoso Dec 11, 2016
Me: *sees Vector in my room* 
                              Vector: *devil smile*
                              Me: GET THE FÜCK OUT OF MY ROOM!!!! *throws a vase at him*