He's Trouble (Snape Love Story)

He's Trouble (Snape Love Story)

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Jordan By LaLa3445 Updated Dec 24, 2014

Sevgie Grimmie is in her sixth year at Hogwarts after the big war and can't wait to go back to school since her whole family died during the war and she's been living on the streets ever since. She also can't wait to meet the amazing Harry Potter and see if it's true he was able to bring back the Severus Snape himself from the dead. 

Sevgie is ready to join her fellow Gryffindors take on the year even if it means seeing her ex Draco Malfoy,yes him. But Sevgie can take on anything with the help of her friends Aubrey,Kerra,Frankie,and Katy. Let's not forget her boyfriend Kellin who loves her very much. 

* I don't own Harry Potter i'm just a fan who wanted to change the story a bit but I do own Sevgie,Aubrey,Kerra,Frankie,Kellin,and Katy. Also any other names I make up I really hope eveyone likes this because i'm inlove with the idea of this and I can't promise when I will update but I should atleast twice a week but votes and comments would help me write faster because it shows people like the story*

AshleyFranco AshleyFranco Feb 20, 2013
@LaLa3445 I know! It's just she does too! It broke my heart to read that part!
LaLa3445 LaLa3445 Feb 20, 2013
@AshleyFranco yeah I tried to make him more nice seeing as he doesn't have to always put up the act but he's still hurt from a few childhood things
AshleyFranco AshleyFranco Feb 19, 2013
Aww poor Sev! She really is having a hard time and Snape needs to actually realize that!
LaLa3445 LaLa3445 Feb 17, 2013
@AshleyFranco lol I used to love that game and I already have so many plans and dont worry I will
AshleyFranco AshleyFranco Feb 16, 2013
Loved it girl! I cannot wait to see how this turns out! I loved the Where's Leda part because my son plays that game a lot! Update soon!