-Not Ashamed Of You- A Justin Bieber Love Story

-Not Ashamed Of You- A Justin Bieber Love Story

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AlexaGomez By AJDRodriguez Updated Feb 17, 2013

Not all sluts are bad

Not all hoes just wanted to throw themselves at some boys

Not all bitches are mean

Sometimes they has a story why they became one

I know I'm not the biggest  fan of them

But I'm not ashamed that my girlfriend is 

An EX-slut



Yeah I said EX, that means past

No she didn't seduce me to get me

Bianca Lauren is different

She has a story behind her closed doors

And she let me in

And I'm proud that she's my girlfriend

I'm not ashamed of her

I'm not ashamed that Bianca Jaxyne Lauren is my girlfriend

-Justin Bieber

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