The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

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Bonsai_niall By Bonsai_niall Updated Jun 10, 2015

The Plaza. 
55 stories, 86 suites and 813 rooms of pure hotel heaven.

It has accommodated for countless celebrities visiting New York and was always credited on its impeccable staff. Claudia had worked in The Plaza for the past year and in that year; she had met the best of the best. 

And then one day, they came. 
She thought she could handle it, she thought it would be easy, she thought they would be usual and calm guests, but she was completely wrong! They flipped her world upside down! And he, well he swept her off her feet, literally. Claudia thought her job was easy until she met them.
Until she met One Direction.

And now that she has, how will they handle all her problems?
How will they deal with a girl who can’t even deal with herself? 
How will they help her escape the labyrinth?
How can she escape to be with him?

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Bonsai_niall Bonsai_niall Jul 15, 2013
@aleXiaSmith Hahaha, too true! I think I would be fired the moment the boys walked into the room haha :) thanks for commenting sweetie x
Crickfreak Crickfreak Jul 14, 2013
Great job on this chapter really loved it. Stupo rules by Mr Martin  serioussly i'd be fired in a few minutes :)
Crickfreak Crickfreak Jul 14, 2013
OH MY GOSH! this was amaazing i loved the nightmare i meean the way you described it and the eerie quote in the beggining this should have more readsa and votes