Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter

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Kent Wayne By kentwayne Updated Aug 13, 2015

Shortly after leaving Earth in the 21st century, humanity settled on Echo in hopes of a fresh start.  Instead, it entered a dark age.  Fast forward 1200 years later.  Aside from advances in weapons technology, progress has ground to a halt.  

Government and corporations long ago merged into the oppressive authority known as the Regime.  Military and police similarly merged into the Department of Enforcement.  A war that has lasted over a thousand years still rages between Regime forces and a huge network of rebels known as the Dissidents.  Despite having the inherent beauty of Old Earth, cityscapes cover over half the planet, pushing out the natural grace of Echo .

Hope lies within Atriya, a bitter and crippled former Enforcer.  Only he has the potential to break Echo's cycle of ignorance and darkness.  But before he can do this for the planet, he must do it within himself.

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