Forbidden Love ((PPGZ and RRBZ fanfiction))

Forbidden Love ((PPGZ and RRBZ fanfiction))

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🌸👑i will be back👑🌸 By HimekoLioness Updated Dec 09, 2016

3rd Fanfiction!

The Good and The Bad can never get along, just like how Angels and Devils can never get along.

Once upon a time, God sent down angels down to earth to help and protect the good and innocent people, as well correct the bad and cruel people. For many years, Angels kept doing their work. Lucifer, The Devil, saw this and was angered and decided to cause trouble on earth once again.

He sent devils to earth to corrupt the innocent people and to kill them. God wasn't pleased at Lucifer's doing, so he sent 3 of the Holy Angels to stop this madness. The three Holy Angels, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were sent down to earth to eliminate the devils.

Lucifer saw this and was really angry now, so he decided to send 3 of his Sinister Demons to go and kill the Holy Angels. The three devils, Brick, Boomer and Butch were sent to earth on a special task.

But what happens if they fall for each other?

I like Himeko-chan in the story. Cause that's how I wanna do fanfics if I start writing. Which I hope to
Lol I love these moves...mostly because of what Heather said. They'd be my moves too lol
Bigpete15 Bigpete15 Apr 17
So not fair u got 3 moves but hey loving the story so far😎😎😎😎
KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 Apr 03, 2016
At least Himeko is nice here.. I just hope she don't try to get the boys from them...
bellecris06 bellecris06 Jun 03, 2016
You know you always have the himeko word in every story you have and its must be bubbles is 2nt cause she is kind blossom is 3rd cause she is smart but little anger and buttercup is 4th cause she is mad and tough
KCS1405 KCS1405 Apr 11, 2016
Omg the prologue(next to the cover) was so in depth. I luved it and it made so much sense.