Can you survive the Exit Exam?
I thought it would be REALLY scary... but turns out it's a sad story... well kind of... it was still CREEPY though
                                    This is a great work :)
Wow! I didn't expect that. I'm so shock, I thought that he'll past the exam that's why doctor Adamson don't have family, that's life. :(
To be honest I didn't really understand this at all. Especially the ending.
The story feels rushed. The Doctors feelings also feel like they're developed to fast.
A sentence with no trial, it is that? I am not sure if I fully understand the end.
It felt very rushed, especially the ending. I was think //... Wow really, ...//. It reminds me of this fanfic that is actually nothing like this because of the obscure way it ended. It's refreshing. ^.^ Good work.