The Werewolf's Pet

The Werewolf's Pet

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Author's Note: This is NOT a new story. I am slowly editing the chapters and putting them back up.

Many years ago, the vampires exposed themselves to the human civilization. They had believed they could live among the humans peacefully; however, after years of coexisting, one vampire loses control and kills over one-hundred humans in New York City.

       One by one, the vampires are hunted down and placed in a sector that is heavily guarded day and night. Whenever a vampire tries to escape, he or she is shot at first sight with a gun powerful enough to burst their body into million of pieces.
     Outraged with what is happening, the king of the vampires rises against the humans with the help of the king of the werewolves. Together, they conquer the earth. What is left of the human population is forced to either live in sectors--encircled by large walls--or be exterminated into extinction. 

    Now, every year, any human from the ages of eighteen through twenty-one is chosen to go into Bevelon--the capital; the place where the wealthy supernatural beings live. 

     When Kendra gets chosen on her eighteen birthday, she has no other option but to leave everything behind to live with her new master; a dark, dangerous man capable of ending her existence and her family's with the lift of a finger.

     Perhaps, living in the wealthiest place on earth isn't as bad as it appears.

Inspired Obviously by The Hunger Games and my obsession with supernatural beings.

This reminds me of Attack on Titan and I'm so happy RN because I love that anime and I love werewolf stories and IDK what I'm saying anymore because I'm just blabbering nonsense
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Im sorry but when i read that i started laughing 😂😂😂
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Lexi2356 the writer was just explain that the book has content that 6-13 year olds shouldn't read but they do
Wtf its the same book why did you delete it and then post it again that's stupid
I like your honesty, much like some other writers who do the same.
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