The Wallflower And The Jock {on hold}

The Wallflower And The Jock {on hold}

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rosette By thelacedoll Updated May 16, 2014

Zoe and Brent. Brent and Zoe. It's always been like that for the childhood best friends.  

But throw in a spice of violent encounters, a dash of envy from the snooty, know-it-all queen bee, a few cups of (very) awkward moments, a consultant that only speaks in metaphors, a simmer of not-so-friendly bickering, and just a pinch of unwanted feelings, and what do you get?

Complete, and utter chaos.

They don't ever want to admit that being on opposite ends of the social ladder just won't cut it for them--in fact, they'd rather go through the tumultuous path instead; which will only lead them to the horrible truth that both have dreaded:

That a flower simply can't be friends with an eagle. 

Unfortunately, they're going to have to learn that the hard way.

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Alamaailma Alamaailma Sep 19, 2015
.____. Even if I was shy, I would at least discussed ( or insulted ) this foolish rule
Alamaailma Alamaailma Sep 19, 2015
800-pages-book never reading again something that big...( for me at least)
thelacedoll thelacedoll Jul 06, 2014
thelacedoll thelacedoll May 07, 2014
@esoterically shavasjbskanaka yes i've been waiting for my 1000th read thank you so much ily and you're amazing <3
jadecarsonxo jadecarsonxo May 07, 2014
I'm your 1000th read. I really like the way you write, you're talented;keep up the great work. I like the title and the intriguing cover. I added this book to my reading list ;)