If Only For One Night (Temporary Title)

If Only For One Night (Temporary Title)

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Penelope Sahadeo By Athena_Stone Updated May 09, 2013


"Dawn, we're over." the line went dead.

Dawn McKeehan has just been dumped by her Boyfriend, Rogelio Acri, for a crime she didn't commit. Her mother is dying slowly and in need of a major surgery that neither she nor her mom can afford.

Rogelio Acri is just in for revenge. He found the girl where all his researching has pointed to, stole her mother’s company, let her fall in love with him and dropped her like a hot potato.

Aaron Locklier was never informed of his brother’s scheme but he plans to do everything in his medical power to save Dawn's mother and stop his overly obsessive brother from hurting anyone else.

A major triangle that will cause disastrous events.

  • anger
  • betrayal
  • emotions
  • love
  • medical
  • panic
  • revenge
  • submission
SleptXxWithXxSirens SleptXxWithXxSirens Aug 01, 2013
Umm, ik i don't know you but, it will be really helpful and nice, if you told me how to follow people. And i really like your story.
Athena_Stone Athena_Stone May 13, 2013
(Demi comment)  The further i go the more interesting its gets n the more deeper i go i 
                              s the more sweeter it becomes, it has me already fantazising about it an getting cold chills an goose bumps its a book filled with excitment on every turn of a page.
Athena_Stone Athena_Stone May 13, 2013
(demi's comment)  From what i have read the book seems to be so far atractive it gets your attention an willingness to move forward n its given alot of giggles.
LaciDenise LaciDenise Mar 01, 2013
Its a good chapter, but in some places the wording confused me. Either way, though, good job(:
DK_Perrie DK_Perrie Mar 01, 2013
Aaawww...it's really cute the way these two meet...
                              I really like your characters, and your paragraphs are pretty well written..
                              This sounds like a really interesting story plot so far, and I can't wait to hear what else happens!
                              Awesome job! And I wish I could vote again!
PeaceLoveJessi PeaceLoveJessi Feb 19, 2013
It seems like it is going to be an interesting story. 
                              You did have a few mistakes, nothing too hard to fix. 
                              Just a few pointers, i would try to make it a little longer if you could. Add more detain and description. 
                              I look forward to seeing more of this.