The Teenage Heartthrob and The Nerd

The Teenage Heartthrob and The Nerd

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Book 3 of the nerd series

"I wish you'd listen closer to the songs I play, cause the lyrics are the words I failed to say "

Disclaimer: Any songs used in the story are not mine, they are the original singers.

I'm Dyslexic and my friends always make fun of me because I mix up my D's with B's
I don't know if you can get these but I have just read your first two of these series & I love them. They are brilliant keep up the head work. Xxx
I hate homophobic jerks why would you click on a boyxboy story if you don't like gay people like get the fück outta here bigots
Your books are great and I know that God will love us no matter what. Gay or not.Besides the Bible has been rewritten over and over by MAN not God. So the only word we have that being gay is wrong is homophobic MEN. I stand with you sister or brother( I don't know if your a boy or not sorry)
I just read them. In Islam is very wrong for two boys or two girls, but who i'm to judge people only God can. & You are correct if people don't like Gay/boyxboy book don't read them, you don't have the right to complain or comment to the writer.
i'm not hating I support the LGBTQ+ Community 100% any of my friends are gay and stuff. But it actually does say in the bible that only men shall marry women and not the other way around.
                              No hate just pointing that out.