Death's Mistress

Death's Mistress

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Nyawad and Kawashi By Wad-Washie Updated Feb 05, 2011

......Death's Mistress.....

Who is evil?  Who is good? .... Why am I supposed to believe what strangers tell me I am or what I'm destined to be? ...   I have the power to wipe out cities and massacre worlds, would I? Should I? ... And when the taste of evil is so sweet, how do I resist? ...  

Amelia Lockheart was adopted at age 6 and has no memory of her life before then...but that life is about to catch up with her and thrust her into a world of war, pain, love and mystery....where she discovers her true identity and that of her real family and learns of the reasons for her removal and return to the Immortal world....while trying to learn to use her new found powers to protect herself from her new found enemies the Amoras....  

This story is long and the twists are surprising so don't be discouraged  if your confused at the start read on and you will understand and love the story....promise

Death's Mistress is book one of The Mistress of Death Series...

  • betrayal
  • hate
  • love
  • mystery
  • pain
  • war
happinie happinie Jan 30, 2011
Well I wouldn't say he totally deserved to die. But he should have been punished that's for sure! 
AnonomiaUnknownia AnonomiaUnknownia Jan 25, 2011
What a awesome prologue! Loved it i'm straight away hooked and deeply intrigued. Thanks fopr recomending this. Voted, fanned!
AuroraEmerald AuroraEmerald Jan 24, 2011
WHAT A CHAPTER! Brilliant so far, will of course be reading every chapter :) *VOTED*
LoveEnchantedWinx LoveEnchantedWinx Jan 20, 2011
This story is WAY different and I haven't read anything like it!!! In a good way, of course...The events that happened in your first chapter is very intriguing, because I would really like to know how she did that. Great chapter, can't wait to read the next!! (^-^*)
devolution devolution Jan 09, 2011
Wow, whatever demon  possesed her I want it to stay the hell away from me. lol
ch3ybaybee ch3ybaybee Jan 07, 2011
This was a very drawing in first chapter; you gave enough away about what was going on without giving too much away, I like it so far (: